Police Jail MMAR Licensed Cancer Patient

Police have arrested an Etobicoke man and his son on Marijuana related charges after receiving a call from Paramedics making a medical call in Toronto. Two men were arrestd and held in jail, as well as  siezing their  pets. Sounds like business as usual, with  one exception, the man they arrested is  a valid MMAR exemption holder and currently  undergoing treatments for Brain Cancer. You read that right, Police arrested an unconcious suffering Cancer  patient, refused to allow his MMAR license to be produced, and harrassed , intimidated, and ultimately arrested  and incarcerated his son. All this as our  newly appointed Pot Head Bill Blair  announces his strict regulations and enforcement policy for the Canadian  Legalization  proposals for Marijuana.  This is an outrage and quite possibly a display of what the future of Canadian Medical Marijuana Patients  holds under the auspices of Mister Blair’s new pot regime rules. Canadas sick and dying Cannabis therapy patients have previously expressed grave concerns and fears over the legal ramifications of  patients rights.  This  latest arrest is  a part of an ongoing campaign unfolding in a series of miscarriages of justice amplified by Canadian law enforcement officials. I encourage all readers to  contact Mister Blair to express your concerns on his ability to properly migitate the Cannabis program into reality without endangering the well being and safety of tens of thousands of Medical Marijuana patients across Canada.

You may contact Bill Blair using the following resource.   http://www.parl.gc.ca/Parliamentarians/en/members/William-Blair(88961)


Original Story  Below


Toronto police seized 14 dogs and one cat, while arresting two people during a drug raid at an Etobicoke home on Sunday.

Paramedics initially attended the home around 3:00 p.m. near Kipling Avenue and Rathburn Road for a medical call.

When paramedics arrived they call in the police after seeing drugs in the home.

The Toronto police drug squad was called to the scene and seized an unknown quantity of marijuana.

Animal Services was called in to seize the animals living at the home.

Police have not released the charges or the identities of the two suspects they arrested.


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  1. Beverly s Misener says:

    Another Patient being attack….


    1. Hi, I’m with Cannabis in Canada and I wanted to follow up on this post. You seem to have a connection to the person arrested, could you email me at editor@cannabisincanada.ca, I’d like to bring more attention to what happened.


  2. Noel Murphy says:



  3. Larry Capponi says:

    WTF , it is time to start rallying against these fks ….. Spring is going to be our last stand …FTP let’s find out where Bill Blair lives and take this rally to his home like he is doing to patients


  4. Bob says:

    So why do they continue to Harm and Violate, Prosecute and Prohibit access to Medical Patients, this F&N has to stop NOW!!!!! https://canadianmedicalmarijuanaassociation.wordpress.com


  5. Legalize now. These pencil pushing dipshits have cost enough lives. Google “The Endocannabinoid System” Tell me then that there is no medicinal value.


  6. Brigitte Charbonneau says:

    The only way that things will change is if one of the police officers/ MP has a family member that needs pot to live …This is 2016 get your head out of the sand .


  7. June Plante says:

    What gets me is that they think they have a right to do this to us patients of the MMAR I don’t understand our PM why would he give authority to the very people who have supported Prohibition there all so brain washed by our lying government how does help any of the thousands of patients who are stuck in limbo disgusted with our PM on his lack of compassion with this issue for the sick disabled & dieing patients.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. How sad it is that our justice system continues to persecute the sick and dying of this country. As patients we are protected under the Charter. But it seems there is little respect for that anymore if the continued arrests keep happening.


    1. I see this problem all to regularily now, police treating patients in an irresponsible negligent manner, one would almost entertain the thought there was an agenda of discrediting the success of medical marijuana patients self chosen means of therapy. Just sayin….


  9. What a HORRIBLE way to treat patients!!!!.. Damned disgusting…..


  10. I’m a patient, I have a card saying I am legally allowed to possess. This sounds ridiculous! Why be approved for medicine legally then be busted? Unless he had way more than his prescription allowed or something else was going on there, this makes no sense!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SparkyLeeGeek…lol, love your name,.. Ive never signed off on the Illegal MMAR or despite personal invitations from two Health ministers have never subjected myself to the Sec56 exemptions, because they were and still are charter violations. Please be patient, 🙂 lol, pun intented, and I wil publish a full disclosure of this terrible miscarriage of justice later today or early tomorrow


      1. Larry says:

        Please send to me … Kelowna01@gmail.com


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