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The evil face of Facism in Canada


Kinder Morgan protest, Vancouver


in the big town of Bancroft (rural eastern Ontario, pop 3000), which is, in fact, my hometown, a semi-retired environmental scientist organized a Kinder Morgan protest vigil a couple of weeks ago.

About 25 people – mostly women – came out to stand in the rain with her; …here in Bancroft, 3000 miles away from Kinder Morgan, standing vigil in a town, I might add, that supports pipelines. It rained pretty steadily all evening. I stayed home, lit a cozy fire, and played romper room with my girlfriend.

Good for them.

Of that 25 people, two were Ontario Provincial Police Officers sent here from Smith Falls to monitor the vigil. Smith Falls is where some sort of anti-terrorist monitoring office is headquartered. It’s hard to say what it’s actually called. I’m sure they have an official name, but it’s not on their webpage. Smith Fall’s…

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