Cape Breton-grown hemp seed oil hits European stores Pharmaceutical executive Parker Rudderham wants to tap local farms in effort to expand production

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This article shows how the government has effectively hidden the Toxic waste dump known as the Sydney Tar Ponds under the umbrella of “green and fair” with aggressive publicity and manipulation of facts while potentially endangering both the townsfolk and now threatening Europe.This act shows us growing the best plant in the world in the worst place in the world after saying it was cleaned up with contracts awarded to First Nations Companies to hush the protest. See the double blind test here ??.Govt using our purity of principle to manipulate their disaster into an acceptable light.. After some preliminary research on this matter, you can plainly see the obfuscation of the Canadian government .

—-Cape Breton-grown hemp seed oil hits European stores—-
Pharmaceutical executive Parker Rudderham wants to tap local farms in effort to expand production
By Holly Conners, CBC News

A Cape Breton pharmaceutical executive is urging local farmers to take a chance on a new crop as the first run of his new company’s hemp seed oil hits the shelves of European stores.

Highland Hemp Manufacturing and Exports produced 22,000 bottles of cold-pressed oil that was grown, processed and bottled on Cape Breton. The nutty flavoured product contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils and is intended for food, such as salads.

“The market for hemp is a huge market — and we got to get into this whole hog,” said CEO Parker Rudderham, who is also president of Pharmacy Wholesale Services Inc.

A small piece of land at the former Sydney tar ponds was one of two sites used to grow Highland Hemp’s first crop. The other was a 24-hectare site in rural Cape Breton, which Rudderham isn’t identifying publicly due to security concerns.

Sydney Tar Ponds
The Sydney tar ponds, once considered one of Canada’s most toxic waste sites, is now a green space after decades of work and hundreds of millions spent to clean it up. (CBC)

The bottles were sold through Pharmacy Wholesale Services to its contacts in Europe, and are now in stores in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Finland and Spain.

“We can get a premium price for it in Europe because Europeans are very health conscious. They’re prepared to pay a premium price for product,” Rudderham said.

He said Pharmacy Wholesale paid Highland Hemp $250,000 for the first production run, and Pharmacy Wholesale will earn in the range of $150,000 in profit selling it on.

Rudderham is hoping to increase production to hundreds of thousands of bottles of oil in years to come.

“We’re trying to convince farmers now that it’s far more profitable for them to grow hemp than it is to grow root vegetables,” he said.

‘Thousands of acres of land’

Vegetable farmer Eddie Rendell said he’s is open to the idea, but has had no discussions with Highland Hemp to date.

He owns 60 hectares of farmland in Little Bras d’Or, N.S., and said there’s plenty more arable land in the area.

“There’s thousands of acres of land here just on Boularderie Island that we could be utilizing for hemp or for anything,” Rendell said.

“If it’s a viable crop, yes, I think we should be doing it.”

‘Tip of the iceberg’

Sydney and Area Chamber of Commerce president Adrian White pointed to Western Canada, which successfully moved from wheat growing to specialized crops such as flax.

“It can be done here in Cape Breton, as well,” he said.

Highland Hemp is also looking to expand into hemp seed oil capsules and skin creams. White said he sees more such opportunities in the versatile crop.

“There’s building materials, I understand, that can be made from it. There’s clothing that can be made from it, as well,” White said.

“This might just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to developing a new industry for Cape Breton.”


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